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boxing results cotto   by Kurt F. Hammond

boxing results cotto

Boxing Results: Cotto’s Domination Need to Bring on Pac-Man Rematch
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Miguel Cotto absolutely centered Antonio Margarito throughout the battle on Saturday night before a sold out Madison Square Garden crowd. Cotto closed the deal, unlike the first time, through winning with a technical knockout in the 10 round.

Cotto’s reduction count continues to be at 2. One of his / her losses emerged against Margarito and the other is actually against Manny Pacquiao. He avenged one loss on Saturday night, however his domination of Margarito need to give him the opportunity to avenge his defeat to Pac-Man.

Floyd Mayweather as well as Pacquiao’s future “fight from the century” may by no means even take place. We have been waiting around for years to determine that tilt, but all of us still don’t have a set date.

It should take place, but it possibly won’t.

So where can the sport regarding boxing go following? Well, the subsequent best thing is always to give Cotto his / her rematch with Pacquiao.

Cotto destroyed Margarito on Sunday night. Cotto arrived 210 punches away from 493 punches chucked. Margarito was only capable of land 157 regarding 700. It was a technical work of art by Cotto. He or she beat Margarito to a pulp.

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I feel that Cotto was a lot more determined and focused as compared to any other in time his career. Could you imagine a focused Cotto in opposition to Pacquiao? That would be a great fight.

Offered how much Pac-Man battled against Juan Red washington Marquez, you would have to think that Cotto would have the fighter’s chance.

This individual was overmatched within their first combat in 2009. Pac-Man arrived 336 punches away from 780 punches thrown compared to Cotto’s 172 hand techniques landed away from 597. It was a taking over performance.

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However, we have seen how Cotto can react to a loss. However go into a fight with Pacquiao having a much better strategy. He wouldn’t end up being so confused because he know what to expect.

It would be a completely different battle.

A third combat with Margarito wouldn’t end up being bad, however I want the heavens in the diamond ring.

I want to see Mayweather or Pacquiao. Now that the average fan-if they didn’t know his name already-knows what Cotto is all about then I’m positive the scores would be tremendous.

Pac-Man vs. Cotto ought to only take place if Mayweather-Pacquiao doesn’t. All of us want to see both giants collide, but when can you draw the fishing line and say that it won’t occur?

We can wish all we want, but I won’t accept it until we have a date. For now, a practical future attack between Pac-Man and Cotto would be as exciting even as are going to get.

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